Free Procreate Brushes: Create Stunning Pencil Shades

Wonderful Pencils Shades Procreate Brushes for Free

Introducing a free set of Marvelous Markers for Procreate inspired by contemporary magazine illustrations. With just a few brush strokes added to simple shapes, you can create striking illustrations with ease. This brush collection features a wide range of textured marker brushes that allow you to create beautiful shapes effortlessly. Thanks to Biso Studio for sharing these Free Procreate brushes. Make sure to check out the full set of Marvelous Markers, show your appreciation for this awesome project, and support the creative team

File Info:

  • Category: Digital Paint
  • Format: BRUSH
  • File Size: 74.73 MB
  • Author: Biso Studio
  • License: Free for personal use (contact author for commercial use)
  • Download file type: Zip file
Wonderful Pencils Shades Procreate Brushes for Free

Download “Free Marvelous Makers Procreate” Downloaded 1200 times – 105.14 KB

Please Note :
These brushes are compatible with the iPad app Procreate only, and won’t work in Photoshop or other programs.