Photoshop 2022: 9 New Features with Pros & Cons by Unmesh Dinda

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Photoshop 2022 new features revealed by Unmesh Dinda – PiXimperfect

2021 has been a year of AI, and with Photoshop 2022, Adobe has released many features that use machine learning, powered by Adobe Sensei, and claim to make most things automatic. In this video, we will explore what these new features are and whether they are actually effective or end up becoming as useful as pedals on a wheelchair. In this video, we will take an in-depth look at what Photoshop version 23.0.0 has to offer and go through almost all new features and updates. Right from Harmonization for matching composites, to Landscape Mixer to create a landscape cocktail, we will cover it all. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for watching 🙂

  • Harmonization
  • Auto-Selections on Hover
  • Gradient Interpolation Options
  • Content Credentials
  • Improved Interoperability with Illustrator
  • Share for Commenting
  • Landscape Mixer
  • Improved Colorize
  • Color Transfer