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15 Grit & Grain Texture Brushes for Ps

Source & Design : spoongraphics

Grainy textures in my artwork, but typically I’ll import a JPG or PNG texture file, which can be time consuming and cumbersome to use. To provide myself with textures I can use on-demand, I’ve produced a brand new set of grit and grain textures in the form of Photoshop Brushes. Once installed, these 15 Brushes are ready for action in my Brushes panel, so I can quickly distress my designs with a single click. You’re totally welcome to use them too, so go ahead and download them for free!

File Info:

  • Dimensions: 3200px
  • Available Format: .ABR files
  • File Size: 9.2 Mb
  • Download file type: Zip
  • Author: Chris Spooner
  • To use these PSD files you need Adobe Photoshop

This set of Grit & Grain Photoshop Brushes contains 15 individual textures, comprising of 5 Light, 5 Medium and 5 Heavy textures so you can apply just the right amount of grunge you desire! They’re really handy for quickly adding grain to a background, or using within a layer mask to erase portions of your artwork for a gritty appearance. Not only are Photoshop Brushes immediately accessible via the Brush tool, you can easily change the colour and size, which would otherwise take a few extra steps with a basic image texture.

Download “Grit and Grain Brushes” Downloaded 1598 times – 9.20 MB

How to install brushes (.abr files) :
-Put the (.abr) file you’ve downloaded into the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Brushes (on Windows)
-Then open your Adobe Photoshop, active brush tool, go to option palette and click on to open the brush preset picker.
(read more other ways to install)

To use these PSD files you need Adobe Photoshop