Photoshop’s CC 2020 New ‘Object Selection Tool’ is a Dream come true for designer

Photoshop Sneak Peek: New Object Selection Tool

Adobe is working on a new tool called ‘Object Selection Tool’ that is designed to accelerate your workflow. When released, it will be placed above the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools in the toolbar.

To use, just select the tool and click and drag over the object in your photo. Using Adobe Sensei machine learning, the tool will shrink wrap the object with the selection. You can also select parts of an object, or use the lasso marquee to select discontinuous objects.

The Object Selection tool will also be placed in the Select and Mask workspace so you can refine your selection using different tool options and sliders.

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00:15 – Selection objects
00:30 – Selecting part of the object
00:41 – Example 2
01:04 – Adding to a selection
01:16 – Using Lasso to select discontinuous items
01:28 – Example 3
01:35 – Example4: Select and Mask

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